Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUMs)

Motor Vehicle Use Maps or MVUMs display routes open to motorized travel on the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest. It is not a stand alone map and is best used in conjunction with a Forest Visitor Map or other topographic map. Please refer to Motorized Travel Rules for OHV use on the GMUG National Forest.

MVUM Maps for the GMUG National Forest

Geo- Referenced 
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Grand Mesa MVUM - 2013


Plateau Division MVUM (Uncompahgre Plateau) - 2014


Mountain Division MVUM (San Juan Mtns.) - 2014


Paonia District MVUM - 2013


Gunnison District  MVUM  (North) - 2013


Gunnison District  MVUM  (South) - 2013


Gunnison District Seasonal Closures (Flattop Mountain/Almont Triangle)


Winter MVUM Maps  ( Plateau Division;  Mountain Division)


The MVUM is a requirement of the Travel Management Final Rule and reflects travel management decisions on each forest.  Routes not shown on the MVUM are not open to public motor vehicle travel. Routes designated for motorized use may not always be signed on the ground but will be identified on the MVUM. It will be the public’s responsibility to reference the MVUM to determine designated routes for motor vehicle use.


More on MVUMs and Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have Motor Vehicle Use Feedback?

We need your help!  If you discover errors on the Motor Vehicle Use Map, if you notice problems with road signs on the forest, or if you have any comments about Travel Management implementation on the GMUG National Forest generally, please share those with us.