Forest Plan Revision - Forest-wide Information

Please refer to the Comprehensive Evaluation Report (CER) for more information on current resource conditions, trends, management implications, and recommendations for maintaining or achieving desired conditions; and the Comprehensive Assessments (CAs) for detailed, data-rich analyses of current conditions and trends for the social, economic, and ecological components affected by management of the GMUG.

Leasable and Locatable Minerals - Provides a comparison of 1993 and 2004 Oil and Gas Analysis Areas; a map of Lands Currently Available for Oil and Gas Leasing, Current Stipulations and Current Leases; a map of the Proposed Action: Lands to be Made Available for Oil and Gas Leasing, Proposed Stipulations and Current Leases; and, a map of Coal Lease Status and Development Potential


Vegetation and Timber


Watershed Assessment - Provides information on sub-watershed sensitivity and activity, and maps of watershed sensitivity and activity classes.




Roadless Information Provides information and maps on RARE 2 Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRA) and the 2005 Roadless Inventory.


Special Management Areas


Roads Analysis Report

RAP Map 1- Forest System Roads (Level 3-5) (PDF, 3.8 mb)
RAP Map 2- Forest System Roads (Level3-5) and sensitive watersheds (PDF, 6.8 mb)