Gunnison Travel Record of Decision and FEIS

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Record of Decision and MAPS

The Record of Decision ( ROD) is the final action on the Environmental Impact Statement for Gunnison National Forest travel management. The Decision is captured on the 3 maps which depict designated public travel routes.
The ROD was made available to the public with a Notice of Availability in the Grand Junction Sentinel on July 1, 2010. With that notice, the 45-day appeal (administrative review) period begins. Details on appeal procedures are contained on page 39 of the ROD.

Record of Decision for Gunnison National Forest Travel Management (complete document 41 pages)

Appendices A-D  (complete document 115 pages)

Record of Decision for the Bureau of Land Management

Final Record of Decision Maps:

Gunnison National Forest Travel Management Record of Decision Signed, news release July 1, 2010.


The Forest Service responded to nine appeals. Three appeals were withdrawn, and one appeal was dismissed. Five appeals were sent to the Appeal Reviewing Officer.  The following four appeals were resolved. Two appeals were upheld with specific recommendations to the forest on two routes (578 and 578.2A) and a reversal of the travel designation for the Continenal Divide Trail.   Listed below are the Forest Service responses to each appellant with recommendations from Maribeth Gustafson, Deputy Regional Forester, and Appeal Reviewing Officer (ARO).  

Final EIS and MAPS

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for Gunnison Basin federal lands travel management was released on April 30, 2010. The Bureau of Land Mangement (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service have identified their preferred alternative for managing public travel on federal lands in this final document. There is a 30-day review period for the FEIS that starts on April 30, 2010 with the Notice of Availability in the Federal Register. Both the BLM and Forest Service will issue decisions on the Gunnison Basin travel mangement after the 30-day review period. Copies of the document and maps are available on a CD-ROM, please contact us by email or by phone (970-874-6637) and remember to include your address.

Gunnison Basin Federal Lands Travel Management Final EIS Released, News Release, April 30, 2010.

All documents are in PDF format

Final EIS Chapters 1-4 (complete document, 288 pages)
The maps of the alternatives are separate files.


Appendices A-J, X, XX (complete document, 493 pages)

Biological Assessment (complete document, 45 pages)

Final EIS Preferred Alternative Maps (Existing routes that would be closed are also depicted on this map- refer to map legend):

Since this is a Final EIS. There is no formal comment period. Pursuant to the procedures for the release of a Final EIS for BLM, our partner in this travel management planning, there will be a review period of no less than 30 days before the agencies would release the Record of Decision, which document our final decision(s). For the Forest Service, the Record of Decision would be subject to appeal at a later date. Public comments received during the 30-day review period will be available to the responsible officials. The public can send comments to the Forest Service on any issue at any time, but there is no procedural requirement for the Forest Service to respond directly to comments received on a Final EIS. If you would like to commet on this FEIS, please send your comment to the following:

email address:

mailing address:

Gunnison Travel FEIS
2250 Hwy 50
Delta, CO 81416


Paper copies of the FEIS and maps are available for public review at the following Forest Service and BLM Offices, and Public Libraries:

Lake City
BLM/ Forest Service Office
216 North Colorado
(970) 641-0471
Forest Service Office
800 North Gunnison Ave.
(970) 944-2500
Salida Ranger District
325 W Rainbow Blvd
(719) 539-3591
Gunnison Public Library
307 N. Wisconsin Street
(970) 641-2053
Lake City Public Library
221 Silver Street
(970) 944-2615
Salida Public Library
405 E Street
(719) 539-4826
Crested Butte
CB Public Library
507 Maroon Ave
(970) 349-6575
Saguache Public Library
702 Pitkin Street
(719) 655-2551
Hotchkiss Public Library
1st and Main Street
(970) 872-4153
Paonia Ranger District
North Rio Grande Avenue
(970) 527-4131
Forest Service Office
2250 Highway 50
(970) 874-6600
Ouray Ranger District
2525 South Townsend
(970) 249-5415
Paonia Public Library
140 Grand Ave
(970) 527-3470
Delta Public Library
211 W. 6th Street
(970) 874-9630
Montrose Public Library
320 South 2nd Street
(970) 249-9656
Grand Junction
GJ Main Public Library
530 Grand Ave
(970) 243-4442
BLM Office
2815 H Road
(970) 244-3000
Grand Valley Ranger District
2777 Crossroads Blvd. Unit 1
(970) 263-5800

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