Seasonal Road Closures for the Glenwood & Pedlar Ranger Districts

Release Date: Sep 26, 2013  

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The following roads will close around January 6, 2014 and reopen around April 1, 2014:

  • Bear Tolley 36E
  • Big Bend 1171
  • Cedar Bridge 36D
  • Cedar Creek 320
  • Coon Bridge 1167
  • Cow Camp 520
  • Dancing Creek 317
  • Gorge Access 315C
  • Hog Camp 48
  • Lady Slipper 494
  • Lovelady 1241
  • Pedlar Inn 1575
  • Pulaski Tract  634
  • Stoney Run Jeep Trail 162
  • Thunder Road 3105
  • Yellowstone 635

The following roads will close around January 6, 2014 and reopen around August 1, 2014:

  • Hunting Creek just beyond Camping Gap 45
  • Harkening Hill – will close at the second gate 3068
  • Middle Creek- will close at the first gate 3101
  • Welch Hollow 3251
  • Enchanted Creek to White Oak Flats  1881
  • Inch Branch 1823
  • Panther Mountain 1286
  • Bobbletts Gap or Chair Rock Road 3004

The following roads will close around January 6, 2014 and will reopen around October 2014:

  • Devils Branch 310
  • Gas Line Road 593
  • Putt Access 323
  • Tom’s Branch 512
  • Turkey Pen 1237

Following the May 2012 flash flood that affected the Arcadia Area of Botetourt County, two road improvement projects will take place requiring temporary road closures.  The gravel portion of North Creek Road (FR 59) will temporarily close for up to 65 days beginning Thursday, September 12, 2013 for culvert replacement and road improvement.  The road will close from the intersection with Thomas Mountain Road (FR 768) to the Apple Orchard Falls trailhead at the end of the road.  In addition, Thomas Mountain Road from the intersection with Stave Hollow Road (FR 3036) to the North Creek Road will also close for up to 30 days during the same time as the North Creek Road closure.  Access to the Apple Orchard Falls Trail (FT 17) and Cornelius Creek Trail (FT 18) is available from the parking area at the end of Apple Tree Road (FR 3034) or from Sunset Fields Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway at MP 78.

Also, the Hales Fork or Overstreet Creek Road (FR 190) is anticipated to close for approximately 28 days this fall for culvert replacement and other drainage work.  This work should start in late September and continue into early October. 

Beginning in October 2012, the Fletcher Mountain Road (FR 507) and North Fork Buffalo Road (FR 51) located in Amherst County in the vicinity of the Mt. Pleasant National Scenic Area underwent an emergency closure due to resource concerns.  These roads will remain closed until further notice. 

The gate at Milepost #41 on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the Martin Tract Road (FR 1602) will remain closed.  The Peavine Road (FR 318) in Amherst County remains closed from the top of Bear Tolley Road (FR 36E) to the intersection of Peavine and Pera Road (SR 610). 

Forest visitors may encounter intermittent log truck traffic through December 2013 on the following Forest Service roads:  Parkers Gap Road (FR 812) and Bluff Mountain Road (FR 164) from the gate out to State Route 607, then along State Route 607.

Additional information is available at or by calling the Glenwood & Pedlar Ranger District’s office (540) 291-2188.

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