Spring 2012 Prescribed Burns

The 2012 Prescribed Burning Program is complete!

Several prescribed burns were scheduled this Spring. Attached were maps of all the 2012 spring prescribed burns. More burns were planned than we expected to accomplish because with weather patterns, winds, and geographic dispersal of rains, we could often burn in one area and not in another. With the early green-up, we have now met our expectations and are finished burning until fall. Two of the planned burns will not be completed.

Cover shot of Prescribed fire brochureThe areas on this spring’s burn program achieved a variety of objectives. These objectives included maintaining oak and hickory in forest stands since these important nut-producing trees are fire-dependent. The burns also help enhance wildlife habitat and maintain rare and endangered plant and animal communities as well as reduce fuel buildup in the understory.

For a brochure on prescribed burning on the Hoosier National Forest - click here. The brochure prints out on legal size paper (8.5 x 14 inch size).

The prescribed burns will occur as weather and conditions are favorable. Approximately 2,397 acres are ready to be burned as weather permits.

Areas proposed to be prescribed burned this spring include:


  • Maumee Openings, 4 units totaling 51 acres - completed 2 of the 4 units on 3/14/2012, completed other 2 on  3/26/2012
  • Fork Ridge: up to 659 acres - completed 3/27/2012


  • Union Cemetery: 19 acres - completed 2/27/2012


  • Antioch: 17 acres - CANCELLED


  • U-38: 472 acres - CANCELLED
  • Mifflin: 156 acres - CANCELLED
  • Kiln: 35 acres - completed 2/26/2012
  • Bird Cemetery: 25 acres - completed 2/26/2012


  • Clover Lick: 860 - completed 3/21/2012
  • Goosetown: 103 - completed 3/20/2012

The exact date of the burns is dependent on weather and fuel conditions. Fires will be by ignited by hand, using drip torches. According to Severson, “The public in the immediate area of the prescribed burn will be notified once we have a specific date for ignition.” Severson also encourages anyone who lives immediately around where a prescribed burn is planned with medical issues that might be affected by smoke, such as asthma or emphysema, to contact the Forest Service. He notes, “We want to do everything we can to minimize affects on our neighbors.”

Although generally Forest visitors are not affected by prescribed burning, some Forest trails in the areas of the burns will be closed. Birdseye Trail, Fork Ridge, German Ridge, Hickory Ridge #21, and Mogan Ridge East Trails may all be affected. The trails as well as the burn areas will be part of Forest closure orders. Severson explains the trails and areas associated with the burns will be closed from the time the burn starts until the Burn Boss declares the area safe. This could be several days after the burn is complete since we need to ensure burning snags and other hazards are out and safe before the area is open to the public. Burn areas will be signed but people should call the Indiana Interagency Coordination Center (IICC) Dispatcher at 812-547-9262 to verify if an area has been reopened.

For questions on the prescribed burns, to request notification, or to report medical conditions please contact the IICC Dispatcher at 812-547-9262.

Key Contacts

Andrea Crain, Public Affairs Officer, 812-276-4770