Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

Middle Kyle Complex

Welcome to the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area (NRA) information Web site for the Middle Kyle Complex (MKC) project. Please explore the Web site to obtain project details and to find out how you can get involved in this exciting and innovative project.

The MKC project is a 4,300 acre recreation and administrative complex to be developed along State Highway 157 in Kyle Canyon, approximately 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Once completed, it will provide a broad range of recreation and environmental education opportunities. It will also contain new fire protection and administrative facilities. Strategically located in Middle Kyle Canyon, the complex will serve as the recreation, information, and transportation hub for the Spring Mountains NRA.

Vision for the Middle Kyle Complex

Middle Kyle Complex is a place that is enjoyable, easy to navigate for all people, and provides a safe environment to form wonderful memories in a natural outdoor setting. Partnerships are used to promote pride, understanding, appreciation and protection of the site's unique environmental and historic resources, and Southern Paiute stories.

Map of the Project

Map showing the location of the Middle Kyle Complex project


The Middle Kyle Complex project is funded through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA) monies. SNPLMA allows the Bureau of Land Management to sell public lands surrounding Las Vegas. A portion of the revenue derived for the land sales is designated to implement Capital Improvement Projects on federal lands identified in the Act and subsequent amendments