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Home Page Overview

Forest Service InsigniaWelcome to the U.S. Forest Service

The Forest Service was established in 1905 and is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Forest Service manages public lands in national forests and grasslands, which encompass 193 million acres.

Forest Service Video Spotlights


Tongass Video Spotlight

The Tongass National Forest recently completed a 10-segment series about the lives and activities of the forest and communities in southeast Alaska. This short Welcome segment introduces you to the 10 segments of this complete set, titled "Shades of Green: Stories of life and land in Alaska's Tongass National Forest".


Forest Products Laboratory

The Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin recently celebrated 100 years of wood and forest products research. The Lab has been involved in ground-breaking research with numerous wood product companies across the nation in its 100-year history that is beautifully depicted in this 12-minute video.

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