Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest


Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is generally open from mid-May through the end of November, weather permitting. Winter storms close the White Mountain Road during winter months and into the spring. Please check our recorded information line at 760-873-2500 for current road closures, conditions and opening/closing dates for the visitor center.

Patriarch Grove

Beyond Schulman Grove lies the Patriarch Grove. This second grove is a 12-mile drive north of Schulman Grove on a good quality dirt road. Near tree line, the grove is the home of the world's largest Bristlecone Pine, the Patriarch Tree. Its splendid remoteness and moonscape appearance gives the Patriarch Grove a surreal atmosphere. Bristlecone pines and limber pines dot the landscape with a background view of the Great Basin in Nevada. Patriarch Grove is a favorite location for filming and photography in the early morning light. Picnic tables, restrooms (vault toilet) and a self-guided nature trail are available. A visit to Schulman Grove and Patriarch Grove is possible in the same day if you can get an early start.


The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is an hour drive from Bishop on paved roads (to Schulman Grove). Take US Hwy 395 south to Big Pine and turn east onto State Hwy 168 just north of Big Pine. Follow Hwy 168 east 13 miles to White Mountain Road. Turn left (north) and drive 10 miles to the Schulman Grove Visitor Center. The Bristlecone pines can be viewed from the parking area of the visitor center and along three nature trails. Schulman Grove is a Recreation Fee Project site. The fees collected are used to open the visitor center earlier in the spring and later in the fall, provide seven-day-per-week staffing and extended hours of operation. The cost is $3.00 per adult to a maximum of $6.00 per vehicle; children under 18 are free. Golden Eagle, All federal lands passes are accepted. Fees are collected at the Visitor Center during operating hours or at a self-service fee tube near the Visitor Center.