2013 IPNF Revised Forest Plan - Objections Received

The Idaho Panhandle National Forests used the Pre-decisional Administrative Review Process, also known as an “Objection Process,” to address public concerns with the FEIS and revised forest plan. The Objection Period for the revised plan began September 28 (the day after notice was published in the Coeur d’Alene Press newspaper of record) and ended November 26, 2013. The Forest Service’s Washington Office received valid objections from 22 individuals or groups regarding the IPNF Revised Forest Plan. A complete list of objections received is available at the bottom of this web page. An objection resolution meeting was held on April 29, 2014. The agenda and transcripts from this meeting are also available below.

The objection resolution period ended on September 8, 2014 with the reviewing officer’s release of his response to objections. The response to objections is the final decision by the US Department of Agriculture on the objections. The reviewing officer’s response to objections also contained directions to the deciding official. Those directions were completed in full prior to signing the final Record of Decision for the forest plan on January 5, 2015.

Objections Received:

The Idaho Panhandle NF has created a “Summary of Objections” spreadsheet, linked below. This document summarizes and paraphrases the individual objections described in each objection letter. This document is intended only to help members of the public determine which objection letters they may be interested in reading and is not intended to replace or interpret the objector’s specific objections.

Summary of Objections Received

Interested Persons
The Idaho Panhandle National Forests received 94 requests from individuals or organizations who wished to be considered as interested persons for one or more of the objections received. Please view the Interested Persons Spreadsheet for a complete listing.

Revised Forest Plan Objection Meeting Held April 29, 2014

The reviewing officer conducted a meeting with objectors at 9:00 am at the Coeur d'Alene Resort on April 29, 2014. The meeting focused solely on discussions of proposed remedies related to the following areas of concern: county coordination, Wild and Scenic River eligibility determinations, recommended Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas, and Management Indicator Species. Meeting participation included agency personnel, objectors and recognized interested persons, and was observed by members of the public.

A transcript of this meeting is available for download.

Download the meeting agenda.

For more information on the forest plan objection process, please visit the IPNF Revised Forest Plan: Pre-decisional Administrative Review web page.