Gray wolf

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[Photograph]: Gray wolf
Photo courtesy of Sarah M. Atkins

(Canis lupus)

Habitat and Biology:
Gray wolves live in all types of habitats in the Intermountain West. Wolf packs are groups of related individuals. Deer, elk and other large mammals make up most of a wolf's diet. Lone wolves which don't belong to a pack eat more rabbits, beavers and other small mammals. Pups are born in an underground den, and the pack brings them food there for several weeks before they are strong enough to follow the pack.

Idaho's wolf population is growing and expanding into new areas and in March 2008 the wolf was "delisted" - taken off of the Endangered Species list.

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Interesting Facts:
  • It's not unusual for a wolf to travel 30 miles in a day.
  • Most wolves live about 6 years, but they can live to be as old as 13.
  • A wolf can run 45 mph.
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