Employment Information


The Lewis and Clark Interagency Hotshot Crew is seeking quality employees to fill multiple positions for the 2014 fire season.  Tentative employment dates for the 2014 season are from April 20th through Mid-October 2014.  Specific positions and pay for each position is listed below.  As positions are filled and more positions become vacant they will be listed on this page, so check back regularly for updated vacancy information.

Permanent Seasonal Positions:

Lewis and Clark IHC will be recruiting to fill one (1) or more Squadleader positions.  This position is a GS-0462-6/7 and may be hired at either the GS-6 or GS-7.  The tour is 13/13 with 13 pay periods guaranteed work with potential for extending beyond based on fire season, forest workloads, and budget.   All interested candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Matt Holmstrom (Superintendent) for more information on the position.

All applicants must apply through USAjobs before November 25th 2013 to be considered for the position.  Announcement information:

 Announcement Number: OCR14-462-IHCSQDLR-6/7 DP

                                           OCR14-462-IHCSQDLR-6/7 G

 Duty Location:  Great Falls, MT


Temporary Seasonal Positions:

 Temporary seasonal positions may be filled at the GS-3, GS-4, or GS-5 grade levels.  Currently, Lewis and Clark IHC is looking to fill 2-5 positions at the crewmember level for the 2014 fire season.  Individuals interested in these positions are encouraged to contact William Knudsen (Assistant Superintendent) for more information on the positions, application process, and hiring timeframes.  Applicants can apply for these positions through USAjobs.  Announcement numbers for these positions have not been set yet; please check back frequently for updated information.


Detail Opportunities

Lewis and Clark IHC can provide a wide range of fire suppression training opportunities, including on the job training for various position taskbooks (PTB) including, FFT1, HECM, FIRB, CRWB, FALB, FALC, and various other PTB.  In addition, we provide training in leadership development, organization, and an opportunity to gain large fire management experience.  Lewis and Clark IHC reserves 2-4 positions on the crew for individuals currently employed on other units or districts that are looking to further their experience and careers with IHC experience. 

The application process for detail positions is done directly through Lewis and Clark IHC (we will not use USAjobs to post these positions).  Individuals interested in a detail position with Lewis and Clark IHC should contact Matt Holmstrom or Willie Knudsen directly for more details on the application process.

Contact Information:

Matt Holmstrom-Superintendent

phone: 406-791-7788

email: mholmstrom@fs.fed.us

Willie Knudsen-Assistant Superintendent

phone: 406-791-7759

email: wknudsen@fs.fed.us


For temporary or permanent hiring check here: