Forest Closure & Fire Restriction Orders

08-267:  Closure of Riparian Area in Wills Canyon

08-265:  Closures within the Little Bear Fire area

08-262:  Closure of Sitting Bull Falls

08-260:  Stage I Fire Restrictions - 8/12/2013

08-246:  Ski Apache

08-245:  Atkinson Canyon area closure

08-244:  Mexican Canyon Trestle

08-228:  Fire Works Order

08-220:  Area Closures for Mayhill Fire and Little Lewis Fire

08-217:  White Fire Closure Order

08-215:  Occupancy & Use/Discharging of Firearms

08-214:  Tunnel Vista Area:  Closed after sunset

08-203: Prohibited - access to all areas near Perk Canyon, Smokey Bear Ranger District

08-172: Prohibited - occupancy of Jicarilla area, Smokey Bear Ranger District

08-149: Prohibitions for Off-Highway travel

08-139: Prohibitions for fire and smoking

08-132: Prohibited - motor vehicle access to Forest Road 5619, Sacramento Ranger District

08-120: Prohibited - collection of Sacramento Mtns Checkerspot Butterfly, Sacramento Ranger District

08-115: Prohibitions for alcoholic beverages

08-114: Prohibited - transportation or possession of a tree or plant without a permit & possession/transportation of marijuana

08-113: Prohibited - operating a motorized vehicle recklessly

08-99: Stay limits for Forest recreation sites

08-81: Permit required for commercial hauling on forest roads

08-80: Prohibitions of motorized travel to Rogers Ruins area, Sacramento Ranger District

08-76: Prohibited - Off road vehicles in Mule & Hunter Canyons and the Agua Chiquita, Sacramento Ranger District

08-75: Prohibitions for travel management

08-74: Prohibitions for Silver snow-play area

08-72: Prohibitions for Forest Road 63 (Karr Canyon Rd), Sacramento Ranger District

08-71: Prohibited - dispersed camping near Lost Lodge, Sacramento Ranger District

08-70: Prohibited - dispersed camping & motorized access outside of designated areas near Cedar Creek

08-69: Prohibitions for the Capitan and White Mountain Wilderness Areas

08-68: Prohibited - Snow play activity outside designated areas at Ski Apache

08-66: Prohibited - Snow play activity outside designated areas at Ski Apache

08-64: Prohibited - Collecting quartz crystals within the White Mountain Wilderness

08-63: Prohibited - Entering any cave without a permit

08-61: Prohibited - Glass containers surrounding Sitting Bull Falls Picnic Area

08-57: Prohibited - Snow play activity east of Cloudcroft along US82

08-54: Prohibited - Climbing on the Mexican Canyon Trestle

08-44: Fire Restriction - spark arresters and fireworks