Missoula District Sets Weekend Hours for Christmas Tree Permits

Release Date: Nov 19, 2012  

Missoula, MT. – Christmas tree permits are now available at all Lolo National Forest Ranger District offices. Permits are limited to three per family and cost $5 each. Permits can also be purchased at Bronc’s Grocery in Frenchtown and the Clinton Market.

The Missoula Ranger District office, located at Fort Missoula, will extend their hours for permit sales to include two Saturdays -- December 1st and 8th -- from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

The hunt for the perfect Christmas tree can be a fun, festive way to begin the holiday season. Following some simple advice can ensure it is a safe day out in the woods.

 Be aware of changing weather, and road and snow conditions. Good snow tires and a four-wheel drive vehicle are advised when traveling in winter conditions on Forest Service roads.
 Carry a map and be aware of your location.
 If you are on foot be aware of remaining daylight and time needed to return to your vehicle.
 Bring the right tools: a saw for cutting the tree and a shovel for removing snow from around the base of the tree.
 Advise family or friends of your destination and when you will return.

The Lolo National Forest does have some restrictions for tree cutting.

 Please do not cut trees from plantations
 Areas along power line corridors and near roads are often good locations to find a tree
 Please do not leave any live branches on the stump and trim the stump to no more than five inches above the soil.
 Do not cut off the tops of trees.
 Do not cut trees within 150 feet of riparian areas (creeks and streams) or within Wilderness Areas.

Ranger District contact numbers are:
Missoula Ranger District: 329-3814
Ninemile Ranger District: 626-5201
Plains/Thompson Falls Ranger District: 826-3821
Seeley Lake Ranger District: 677-2233
Superior Ranger District: 822-4233

For additional information please call (406) 329-3814.

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