Mt. Pinos Ranger District

 July 1,  2016


(661) 245-3731

The conditions listed below can change rapidly, especially with inclement weather.  Therefore, it is recommended that visitors to the forest contact the Ranger District Office which is nearest to their destination for the very latest information.  The National Weather Service is a good resource for information about current and  predicted weather!

For Kern County road status, Mt. Pinos Rd, go to


Due to the Pine Fire that is currently burning in the Sespe Wilderness, the following roads and campgrounds are temporarily closed until further notice. 

  • Reyes Creek Campground
  • Grade Valley Road
  • Gene Marshall-Piedra Blanca National Recreation Trail
  • Thorn Meadows Campground

**Mt. Pinos Road/Recreation Area is OPEN. Chula Vista Campground (walk-in) is open  anMcGill and Mt. Pinos Campgrounds reopened for the 2016 summer season on Tuesday, May 24th. **



  • Caballo
  • Campo Alto
  • Cedar Creek
  • Cherry Creek
  • Chucupate Campground
  • Cottonwood
  • Dutchman Campground (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Fishbowls (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Halfmoon (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Little Mutau  (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Marian
  • McGill
  • Mt. Pinos
  • Pine Springs (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Plieto Creek
  • Reyes Creek (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Salt Creek (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Sunset (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Thorn Meadows (temporarily closed due to the Pine Fire)
  • Toad Springs
  • Valle Vista
  • Campo Alto 


  • Alamo Mountain Road
  • Cerro Noroeste Rd to Campo Alto will open on Thursday, 5/26/16
  • Edison Road
  • Frazier Mountain Road at 118 Trail Head
  • Grade Valley Road - TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to the Pine Fire until further notice) 
  • Lockwood Creek Road
  • Marian/Caballo Road
  • Miller Jeep Trail 
  • San Emigdio Road
  • Santa Barbara Canyon/Buckhorn Road
  • Scott Russel Road
  • West Tecuya Road


  • West Dry Canony Road to Cuyama Peak is closed until further notice because the road is washed out. 


**Call the ranger station at 661-245-3731 X 0 for OHV trail/road status due to the Pine Fire. Trails and roads may be temporarily closed until further notice. 

  • (107) San Emigdio OHV
  • (108) San Emigdio Mountain
  • (111) Pleito Creek
  • (112) Salt Creek Trail
  • (113) Cherry Creek Trail
  • (114) West Tecuya Trail
  • (115) Tecuya Timber Sale Route
  • (116) Coldsprings Trail
  • (117) East Tecuya Trail
  • (118) West Frazier Mine Road
  • (119) West Frazier Tie Road
  • (121) Arrastra
  • (122) Tejon
  • (123) Long Dave
  • (124) Gold Hill
  • (125) Cottonwood Trail
  • (126) Yellowjacket Trail
  • (127) Lockwood Creek Trail
  • (128) Piru Creek Trail
  • (129) Miller Jeep Trail
  • (130) Snowy Trail
  • (131) Whata
  • (132) Halfmoon Trail


Closed until further notice

  • (120) East Frazier OHV Trail/Road

Members of the public are reminded that they should always call ahead to the district office for the latest conditions and consult the National Weather Service for current weather forecasts. For more information, call the Mt. Pinos District Office at (661) 245-3731.