Santa Lucia Ranger District


(805) 925-9538

 June 14, 2016


The conditions listed below can change rapidly, especially with inclement weather.  It is recommended that visitors to the forest contact the Ranger District Office which is nearest to their destination for the very latest information.  The National Weather Service is a good resource for information about current and  predicted weather.

Open Pozo/La Panza Trails and Campgrounds

  • Pozo OHV Area: gates at Forest Roads 29S02.2, 29S0.1; 29S18 and OHV Trails 16E22,16E21,15E07, 16E24,16E08,16E09,16E04, 16E23, 16E09, 15E05, 18E02, 16E02, 15E11, 18E05, 16E16, 15E09, 15E10.
  • Friis Campground, Navajo Flats Campground, La Panza, Turkey Flat OHV Staging Area. 

Temporarily Closed -  Rockfront Ranch OHV Riding Area  - Trails, Roads and Campgrounds

  • All OHV Roads and Trails are temporarily closed - The gate at Forest Road 30S02 is Closed/locked to the Rockfront OHV road and trail system due to concerns related to dead and dying hazardous trees that pose a safety risk to visitors. The temporary closure is effective immediately until further notice. 

    This temporary closure includes Baja, Buck Springs and Paradise campgrounds, Rockfront OHV Staging Area, as well as the following trails: Upper 35 Canyon, Paradise, Branch Creek, Big Rocks, Jack Springs, Twin Rocks, Shaw Ridge, Logan Ridge, and Los Machos. These areas will remain closed until the public safety risk is mitigated by cutting the hazardous trees.

    The effects of rising temperatures, extended drought, and aggressive bark beetle infestations have created a tree mortality epidemic across California. Since 2010, an estimated 40 million trees have been lost. These standing dead trees have created hazards across the forest and surrounding communities and campgrounds, and present an unnecessary risk to visitors and employees along roads, trails and utility corridors. They also pose a significant threat to communities and fire responders if a wildfire occurs in these high-hazard areas.

    Qualified Forest Service wildland firefighters will be conducting the hazard tree cutting as they are available from other wildland fire operations. OHV recreationists are encouraged to utilize the Pozo-La Panza OHV Area as an alternative during the Rockfront OHV Area temporary closure.

    “We are temporarily closing these areas until we can safely eliminate the risk these hazard trees pose to visitors as well as our employees,” said Santa Lucia District Ranger Nathan Rezeau. “We appreciate the public’s cooperation and understanding while we take the necessary steps to safely remove the dangerous trees.”

    Members of the public are reminded that they should always call ahead to the district office for the latest conditions and consult the National Weather Service for current weather forecasts.

    For more information, visit our website or call the Santa Lucia District Office at (805) 925-9538 x 0


  • La Brea Area: Horseshoe, Brookshire
  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area - Bear Canyon Campground


  • Buckhorn Ridge OHV Area  (Buckhorn Ridge, Horshoe Spring Spur, Bear Canyon Loop and Bear Canyon Campground, Horshoe). 
  • Kerry Canyon OHV Trail/Area is temporarily closed until further notice.


Non-motorized recreation access, such as hiking and mountain biking, is unaffected by the order.  Private residents and communication site lease holders will be allowed motorized access to their homes or business sites.

The closure order for public motorized vehicle use is needed until repairs to the road are completed and the area is safe for vehicle use. Forest officials are working with communication site lease holders to conduct environmental planning and a road repair plan to reestablish safe motorized access along this popular road in San Luis Obispo County.


  • Bates Campground
  • Cerro Alto Campground
  • Colson Campground 
  • Figueroa Campground
  • Figueroa Lookout Day Use Area
  • Cumbre Day Use - Figueroa Mountain
  • Pino Alto Picnic Area - Figueroa Mountain 
  • Friis Campground - Pozo/La Panza Area 
  • Davy Brown Campground
  • High Mountain Campground 
  • Miranda Pine 
  • Nira Campground 
  • La Panza Campground (Pozo/La Panza Area) 
  • Navajo Flat Staging Area/Campgorund (Pozo/La Panza Area) 


  • Figueroa Mountain Rd to the junction of Happy Canyon Rd, Sunset Valley Rd, Cachuma Saddle
  • Figueroa Mountain area at the Lookout (Forest Road 8N16), ) Zaca Ridge Road/Catway (Forest Road 8N02)

  • East Pinery (Forest Road 8N32) Figueroa Mountain. 
  • Bates Canyon past Bates Canyon Campground (Forest Road 11N01.3)..
  • High Mountain Road to High Mountain Campground 

  • Sierra Madre Road at intersection with Highway 166 (Forest Road 32S13.1)

  • Sunset Valley Road to Davy Brown and Nira Campgrounds
  • Red Hill Road
  • Pozo Road is open on both sides