Winter Trek

5th Grade Environmental Education Program

The U.S. Forest Service, Heavenly Mountain Resort, the City of South Lake Tahoe and the Tahoe Heritage Foundation are proud sponsors of Winter Trek Express. The 5th Grade Snowshoe program begins January 7, 2014, weather permitting. Reservations start Monday, December 16, 2013. If you would like to join us for this special program, please call (530) 543-2694 to reserve your class for our snow adventure and to address any questions you might have. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Color photo of Ranger Jean talking to a group of fifth-graders. Color photo of kids arriving at the gondola midstation. Color photo of Ranger Lindsay conducting the first lesson at the midstation overlooking Lake Tahoe. Color photo of gondolas arriving at the top of the mountain with Lake Tahoe in the background. Color photo of the kids heading down the stairs after getting off the gondola. Color photo of Ranger Lindsay handing out snowshoes to the kids. Color photo of group of kids getting the snowshoes ready to put on. Color photo of two fifth-grade boys fastening the straps of their snowshoes. Color photo of Ranger Lindsay teaching the kids some moves on their snowshoes. Color photo of Ranger Jean getting the group of kids ready to leave. Color photo of two lines of kids heading out into the snow covered forest on their snowshoes. Color photo of a line of kids trekking through the snow. Color photo of Ranger Tim talking to the kids at the first stop. Color photo of the kids trekking uphill on their way back to the gondola. Color photo of Ranger Jean serving hot cocoa to the Winter Trek kids back at Explore Tahoe.




This 3-hour environmental education program takes place at 9,000 ft elevation at the Heavenly Mountain Resort via a free Gondola ride from Stateline. Forest Service rangers lead the class through the wilderness to learn snowshoe skills and discover winter adapting animals and signs of these animals. Students fulfill science, language, social science and physical education requirements for 5th grade curriculum during the program as well as pre- and post-visit material for the classroom. Go to the Teacher's Handbook to learn more about the Winter Trek Express Environmental Education program.


Winter Trek Presentation

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Teacher's Resources

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