Planning and Program of Work

The Malheur National Forest 10 Year Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Strategy was developed over a several year period.

The strategy is made up of two parts, one being the Malheur National Forest Strategic Plan, which has identified specific priorities on the Forest.

The second portion of input comes from two established forest collaborative groups, the Blue Mountains Forest Partners and the Harney County Restoration Collaborative, who created the “Bigger Look,” which identified several important treatment priorities within the Malheur National Forest. The priorities included timber stand densities, key wildlife habitats, old growth, adjacent private land, and economics.

Information from the “Bigger Look” and the Malheur NF Strategic Plan were used in combination to develop the 10 Year Collaborative Forest Landscape Strategy which is being used by the Forest to guide the program of work for the next 10 years.

Schedule of Proposed Actions

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  • Timber Sales
    • January 23, 2015: Log haul will begin from MD subdivision next week.  Haul route will be 3935, by Crow Flat to 395 North.  They are moving equipment in today and over the weekend
    • January 9, 2015: Log haul has begun for the Drew Timber Sale. Haul route is the 3790 road to the 37 road to US Highway 395 and north.
    • Operations have begun on both Moo Reoffer and Dairy Reoffer timber sales. Moo Reoffer is located on Emigrant Creek Ranger District Southeast of Highway 395. Units are located on the 2800400 and 2855. Haul route will be out the 2815, 2800 to Highway 20. Dairy Reoffer is located on Emigrant Creek Ranger District North of Highway 20. Haul route will be 4510200, 4510, 4500 to Highway 20 (Riley).


    Current Timber Sales on the Malheur National Forest:



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