• Timber Sales

    Timber Sales:

    Elk LP:  The Forest Service will receive sealed and oral bids in public at Malheur National Forest, Supervisor's Office at 10:00 am local time on 08/10/2016 for an estimated volume of 433 CCF Lodgepole Pine and other coniferous species sawtimber, and 85 CCF of Lodgepole Pine and other coniferous species grn bio cv marked or otherwise designated for cutting.

    The C Salvage Sale: 6232 ccf, Blue Mt. Ranger District , was awarded for the minimum bid rate of $4.55/ccf to Iron Triangle.  There was one bidder.

    Gibb DXPre:  65,696 tons or 22,009 ccf, Blue Mt. Ranger District, minimum bid rate was $4.99/ton, awarded to Boise Cascade Wood Products LLC for $14.75/ton. There were a total of 6 bidders.

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