Finney Adaptive Management Area

Mt. Higgens near Darrington, WAThe Forest has approved the Finney AMA Project. It is the vegetation management part of a research study that experiments with restoration and long-term management of late successional reserve (LSR) and riparian habitat in the Finney Adaptive Management Area (AMA). It will thin LSR forest stands less than 80 years old to develop old growth features for spotted owl and marbled murrelet habitat. The Forest Supervisor signed the Finney AMA Project Decision Notice on May 3, 2013. It approves thinning 1,256 acres of young conifer stands in three different treatments—Treatment A (“Tree Growth” prescription), Treatment B (“Branch Growth” prescription), and Treatment T (“Typical” thinning prescription). A companion document, the Research Study Plan, outlines the research and monitoring approach.” Click for more information on the Finney AMA Vegetation Management Project