Travel Management (MVUM)

To better protect natural resources while continuing to provide opportunities for motorized recreation, the National Forests in Mississippi has implemented the travel management rule. The travel management rule requires each National Forest and Grassland to designate roads, trails, and areas open for motor vehicle use. The rule was developed in response to dramatic increases in the number and capabilities of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) which have been responsible for increases in natural resource damage and motor vehicle accidents. The rule affects management of all motorized use, including licensed vehicles and OHVs. 

The Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) is a requirement of the Travel Management Final Rule. The MVUM displays those National Forest System roads, trails, and areas (if any) that are designated open to motor vehicles, by vehicle class (highway-legal vehicles, high-clearance vehicles, ATVs, and motorcycles), and any seasonal or time allowances. The MVUM also provides information on other travel rules and regulations. If a route is not shown on the MVUM, it is not open to public motor vehicle travel. Every reasonable attempt has been made to mark routes designated for motor vehicle use with route marker signs (showing the route number). However, some routes may not always be signed on the ground. It will be the public's responsibility to refer to the MVUM to determine designated routes for motor vehicle use. The MVUM will be updated annually to correct mapping errors or discrepancies, and to reflect any changes in route status. 

Special orders may be issued at any time during the year to temporarily close certain routes for reasons such as safety concerns, resource damage, or due to fire or other emergency activity. These routes will be appropriately marked on the ground. 

The MVUM is a black and white map with few topographic features. It is best used in conjunction with a Forest Visitor Map or other topographic map. The MVUM is free to the public at each local Ranger District office. Forest Visitor Maps are available at Forest Service offices or at the National Forest Store the web.    

Travel Management Rule - Motor Vehicle Use Maps:





De Soto

Holly Springs



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Bienville Ranger District
Phone:(601) 469-3811

Chickasawhay Ranger District
Phone: (601) 428-0594

Delta Ranger District
Phone: (662) 873-6256

De Soto Ranger District
Phone: (601) 528-6160

Holly Springs Ranger District
Phone: (662) 236-6550

Homochitto Ranger District
Phone: (601) 384-5876

Tombigbee Ranger District
Phone: (662) 285-3264