Pile of woodFirewood season on the Mt. Hood National Forest opens and permits will go on sale Monday May 5, 2014.  


This year, our firewood permit tags have pre-perforated holes that were meant to assist in validating your tag. However, the pre-perforated holes are unreliable as they can too easily be punched out, and may even fall out during transport.  Your load tag should be validated by completely removing the Month and Day sections of the tag indicating the date you are transporting your firewood. 

Your firewood permit also has a Product Quantity Removal Record section must be filled out before transporting your firewood.  The date and quantity you fill out in the Product Quantity Removal record on your permit should match the Month and Day that is completely removed on your firewood tag.

For more information about this year's firewood cutting season, please visit our Firewood News Release page.


Charge Forest Product Permits

Special Forest Product Rate ($) per Unit of Measure Unit of Measure Remarks Quantity Sold With $20.00 Minimum Purchase




Downed material only.  Not to exceed 5 cords per household per year.  Must have a current "Weekly Firewood Information Sheet" in hand with your permit to be legal.  No permit is required for gathering downed firewood while at your campsite for camping purposes while on National Forest land.

2 Cords


Anyone cutting firewood on the Forest is required to have a current weekly information sheet and attachments, in addition to a valid permit. Personal use firewood permits sell for $10.00 per cord; minimum charge per permit is $20.00.

The Forest Service uses a four-level industrial regulation system (IFPL) to help prevent wildfires by regulating work activities in the forest. This includes firewood cutting.


Be aware of changing winter weather conditions.  Forest Roads are not maintained for winter travel.

Weekly Firewood Information Sheets

Eastside Cutting Zone

Eastside Cutting Zone - Weekly Firewood Information Sheet 

Eastside Special Request Form

  • Eastside Active Timber Sale Areas: No Fire Wood Gathering:

Westside Cutting Zone

Westside Cutting Zone -Weekly Firewood Information Sheet Weekly Information Sheet Attachments:

Clackamas River Ranger District Firewood Roads Table (Last Update: July 11, 2014) - If you follow the information on this roads table you do not need to submit a Special Request form on the Clackamas River Ranger District.  Firewood on the Zigzag Ranger District is by Special Request only.

Special Request Firewood Form


Personal Use Firewood Cutting Permits

Purchase Personal Use Firewood Cutting Permits and get more information at one of the Mt Hood National Forest Ranger District offices.  Permits can no longer be obtained at the office in Sandy, Oregon.

  • The yearly cutting limit per household is 5 cords.
  • All districts may not have areas available during the season. Be sure to call for current information before making plans.
  • Firewood cutting areas are described on the information sheets, and you are required to have a current information sheet with your permit while cutting. Information sheets change weekly and show the status of each area. Information sheets are available at Ranger Stations, and this webiste.
  • Firewood cutters must have screen type spark arrestors on their chainsaws, carry a pressurized chemical fire extinguisher not less than 8 ounces, and a long handled shovel with an 8-inch blade.
  • Before heading into the forest, call your nearest Ranger Station for up-to-date information on supply and road conditions.
  • Product Quantity Removal Record and Tag Validation Example
  • Cord of Wood Diagrams
  • Clearing Limits of Road Prism Examples
  • IFPL Diagram


Fire Conditions


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