Forest Plan Analysis

The 2005 process of revising the Forest Plan has been completed. Thank you for your participation and interest in the Mark Twain National Forest.

  • Review of New Information
  • Record of Decision (ROD) (1.1mb, pdf format)
    The Record of Decision documents the Regional Forester's reason for choosing Alternative 3.
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement
    This Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) documents the effects of applying alternative ways of managing the Mark Twain National Forest (MTNF). The FEIS reviews the need to change the 1986 Forest Plan as presented in the Notice of Intent published in the Federal Register, (Volume 67, Number 73, Pages 18580-18583) on April 16, 2002. The FEIS presents alternatives to address the need for change, and evaluates the effects of implementing each of the alternatives. The FEIS also includes the Forest Service's Responses to public comments on the Draft EIS & Draft Plan. The companion document to the FEIS is the Proposed Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Proposed Forest Plan).

Broken down by Sections

  • Cover and Table of Contents (232kb, pdf format)
  • Summary (2mb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 1—Purpose, Need, and Forest Plan Revision Issues (295 kb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 2—The Alternatives (287 kb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 3—Affected Environment and Environmental Effects (3.37 mb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 4—List of Preparers (200 kb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 5—Glossary (325 kb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 6—References (230 kb, pdf format)
  • Chapter 7—FEIS Distribution List (63 kb, pdf format)
  • FEIS Index (134kb, pdf format)
  • Appendix A—Public Involvement in Issues, Concerns, and Opportunities (416 kb, pdf format)
  • Appendix A-1—Responce to Comments (69.1 mb, pdf format)
  • Appendix B—Analysis Process (319 kb, pdf format)
  • Appendix C—Roadless Area Inventory (936 mb, pdf format)
  • Appendix D—Sustainability through Ecosystem Restoration (327 kb, pdf format)
  • Appendix E—Wild and Scenic River Assessment Process (159 kb, pdf format)
  • Appendix F—Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (98 kb, pdf format)
  • Appendix G—Fire Risk Assessment (6.4 mb, pdf format)
  • Appendix H—FEIS Index (442 kb, pdf format)
  • Rear Cover (115kb, pdf format)
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement Map Set (4.5 mb, pdf format)
    Maps of alternatives evaluated in FEIS

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