National Grasslands Visitor Center

Areas managed by the USFS include general forests and grasslands, as well as wilderness, roadless and research areas.  USFS public lands are managed for a variety of uses, including recreation, range, timber, watershed, and wildlife and fish habitat.  The National Grasslands Visitor Center is located in Wall, South Dakota.  The center focuses on interpreting and providing information on the National Grasslands. It features over 20 exhibits highlighting a variety of subjects: Great Plains history; prairie plants and animals; recreational opportunities; and management activities on the National Grasslands. 

The park store at the National Grasslands Visitor Center in Wall, SD is operated by BHPFA. The store offers a variety of interpretive materials about the National Grasslands, the Badlands and surrounding areas, and the people who settled and live here.  All purchases made from the park store help support interpretive programming at the National Grasslands Visitor Center including:

  • Visitor Center exhibits
  • Internship programs
  • Jr. Ranger Program
  • Ranger-led Programs for visitors

 Purchases of park store items can also be made online by visiting our website –


About the Grasslands

The Wall Ranger District of the Buffalo Gap National Grassland is in the Wall – Badlands area.  This National Grassland surrounds Badlands National Park and Minuteman Missile National Historic Site.  There is much shared between these three areas. 

  • Camping
  • Hunting and fishing are very popular on the national grasslands.
  • Rock hounding is an adventure for the family.  Rocks can be collected on National Forests and Grasslands for personal use. 
  • Hiking, biking or horseback riding cross-country or on the two trails; Prairie Path and Saddle Pass Horse Trail.  Prairie Path is located south of I-90 Exit 116.  Park near the MIMI missile silo.  The path is marked with wooden posts. 
  • Mountain bike anywhere on the two-track roads, Prairie Path. 
  • Motorized travel is permitted on designated roads and trails.  Cross-country or off-road motorized travel is prohibited.  Pick up a free map at the National Grasslands Visitor Center.
  • Pick up one of several checklists to guide your visit, including:  Prairie plants checklist (there are over 250 grass species in North America!), Grass and Forbs checklist (featuring 45 grass species commonly found on the mixed grass prairie of Buffalo Gap National Grassland.), and the Bird Watching checklist.
  • Wildlife of interest on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands are black-footed ferrets, black-tailed prairie dogs, burrowing owls, swift fox, and numerous raptors.