Highway 2 Tumwater Canyon Bridge Replacement Project

Project Description

The Chiwaukum Creek, Wenatchee River, and Drury Canyon Creek Bridges were originally built for highway use between 1936 and 1937. Over the years, an increase in traffic volumes, truck sizes, and traffic speeds have rendered the bridges insufficient for both structural integrity and width. Washington State Deptartment of Transportation (WSDOT) will replace these bridges with wider, stronger, and easier to maintain concrete structures.

How Will It Be Accomplished?

In order to speed up construction and limit impacts to traffic, WSDOT will construct US Highway 2 in a new location from milepost 89.14 to 90.70. The new location will allow the Chiwaukum Creek Bridge and Wenatchee River Bridge to be built in one stage away from highway traffic. Once the new bridges and highway are complete, the old bridges will be removed and the old highway will be planted with native trees and grasses.

Maps of Bridge Replacements and River Access Closures
[3-page PDF]


Construction activities will start in August of 2011 with construction of the actual bridges starting in September of 2011. The new bridges and highway should be open to traffic sometime during the Spring of 2013.

Traffic Impacts

For the most part, highway users can expect single lane flagger controlled traffic during daytime work hours with unrestricted use of the highway after work hours and on weekends. Between August 2011 and September 2013 the WSDOT Private Contractor will be allowed to close Highway 2 for a total of 15 work week days. Such highway closures will NOT be allowed from Noon on Friday to 8:00PM Sunday. It is anticipated that 5 highway closure days will be used to replace the Drury Canyon Creek Bridge. The Chumstick Highway will be used as a detour during the closures.

The existing river access on the west end of the Wenatchee River Bridge will be closed while the Wenatchee River Bridge is under construction.

How Can I Get More Information?

Robert Romine, Project Engineer
WSDOT North Central Region
2830 Euclid Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98807
Phone: (509) 667‐2880 or toll free (888) 461‐8816
Email: rominer@wsdot.wa.gov

Or visit the Project Websites at:

Maps of Bridge Replacements and River Access Closures
[3-page PDF]