Information about Table Mountain Fire Area Closure

Release Date: Dec 3, 2012  

The area will remain closed to all entry at the existing barricade sites through fall 2012.

When there is enough snow to begin grooming, we will flip the road-closed signs down, meaning the area will still be closed to wheeled vehicles but it will be open for snowmobiling as well as other forms of winter recreation.  Most of the usual routes will be groomed, but not all.  There will be big signs posted advising people that they are entering a burned area, to use caution and travel at their own risk.

In spring 2013, gates will be installed at three locations: 

  • at the start of Road No. 3507
  • on Road No. 3500 at the 3517 Road junction
  • on Road No. 9716 at the 9712 Road junction 

In the spring, when the road is melting out, these gates will be closed and the area will again be closed to entry by motor vehicles until June 15 to protect fragile recovering meadows.  Non-motorized entry will likely be permitted.  Some parts of the area may remain closed to motor vehicles beyond June 15; that decision will be made in the spring.

More information about mushroom picking will be coming out later.

See MAP of closure area