Reduction of Hazardous Fuels Continues through Winter

Release Date: Dec 7, 2012   Leavenworth, WA

The Wenatchee River Ranger District will continue with its fall prescribed burning program through the winter months, if current conditions continue. 

With the current weather patterns, fire managers will be burning previously stacked hand piles of excess forest litter in the Van Creek and upper Icicle Creek areas over the next couple of weeks.  Weather conditions are favorable for smoke dispersal and there should be little impact from smoke from the ten acre burns.

The objectives of these treatments are to improve protection to local communities and enhance forest health and wildlife habitat by maintaining and restoring vegetation and fuel conditions.  This is very important in the management of wildfires because the size, severity and effects of wildfire may be better managed in areas that are treated. 

For further information about the prescribed fuels reduction program, please contact Fire Management at Wenatchee River Ranger District, 509-548-2550.