Robbins Bluff Timber Sale

District/Contact Information:
Pam Braciszeski, 906-265-5139
Bid Opening Date: January 13, 2009

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Prospectus Attachment #1 - Volume Data Species Breakdown Table
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Bid for Advertised Timber and Instructions 1/]
"Request to Apply Bid Guarantee to Downpayment" Form 2/
Bid Results

1. If Bidder submits bid in own envelope, the
following information must be written on the
outside of the envelope:

Sale Name:
Ranger District of Bid Opening:
Bid Date:
Bid Time:

2. The ORIGINAL Bid must be mailed to the office of
bid opening by bid opening time to be accepted. The
Bid cannot be faxed or mailed electronically.

Submission of this form with the bid is optional.

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Key Contacts

Forest Planner
 Marlanea French-Pombier

Fire Management Officer
 Jon Agner

(906) 358-4065

Forest Hydrologist
 Mark Fedora

Fish Biologist
Holly Jennings
(906) 932-1330

Soil Scientist
Amy Amman
(906) 932-1330

Botanist (Program Coordinator)
Sue Trull
(906) 932-1330

Botanist (Noxious Weed Coordinator)
Ian Shackleford
(906) 932-1330

Contracting Officer Pre-Sale Forester
Jim Boyd

(906) 932-1330 Ext 315