Fire Training

Fire Training 2011 




















Note:  Contact the Fire Management Officer (Dean Karlovich, 906.358.4065) for information, or to enroll in each class or pack test being offered.

Schedule is subject to change. 


Online Wildland Firefighter Training

IS 100a Intro to Incident Command System

IS700a NIMS Introduction

Key Contacts

Forest Planner
 Marlanea French-Pombier

Fire Management Officer
 Jon Agner

(906) 358-4065

Forest Hydrologist
 Mark Fedora

Fish Biologist
Holly Jennings
(906) 932-1330

Soil Scientist
Amy Amman
(906) 932-1330

Botanist (Program Coordinator)
Sue Trull
(906) 932-1330

Botanist (Noxious Weed Coordinator)
Ian Shackleford
(906) 932-1330

Contracting Officer Pre-Sale Forester
Jim Boyd

(906) 932-1330 Ext 315