Bid Results

Welcome to the Forest Timber Sale Bid Results page.

The Ouachita National Forest maintains an active timber sale program. Timber sales improve overall forest health, reduce fuels loads to limit catastrophic wildfire and improve wildlife habitat.It is our goal to provide an annual even flow of wood products to our customers.

Bid results will remain on the web for one year.

Timber Sale Bid Results

Bid Results
(Bid results will remain on the web for one year)


Ranger District

Sale Name

Bid Opening Date

Bid Abstracts

Jessieville Rock Creek Thinning 9-10-13 Abstract
Caddo Black Dog 9-10-13 Abstract
Caddo Gas Line 9-17-13 Abstract
Womble Hewing Branch Scale Salvage 9-17-13 Abstract
Poteau Boles Motor Speedway 9-17-13 Abstract
Jessieville Watersprout Scale Salvage 9-19-13 Abstract
Cold Springs Middle Creek 9-19-13 Abstract
Jessieville Fannie Scale Salvage 9-24-13 Abstract
Mena Johnson Creek 9-24-13 Abstract
Fourche Wildcat 9-24-13 Abstract
Cold Springs Sugar Creek Trail 4/8/2014 Sugar Creek  Abstract
Kiamichi North 1856 5/15/14 Abstract 
Kiamichi South 1856 5/15/14 Abstract 
Kiamichi South Buffalo 5/15/14 Abstract 
Mena Holly Creek 5/22/14  Abstract
Cold Springs Knoppers Ford  5/22/14    Abstract
Poteau Blue Moon 5/22/14    Abstract
Poteau Fourche River 5/29/14    Abstract 
 Mena Billy Goat 6/5/14 Abstract
Mena Holly Creek 6/12/14 Abstract 
Poteau Fourche River 6/12/14 Abstract 
Cold Springs White Oak 6/17/14 Abstract
Cold Springs Sugar Creek 7/10/14 Abstract
Womble Big Fork 9/9/14 Abstract
Womble Little Fir 9/16/14 Abstract
Kiamichi Fish Fry Creek 9/16/14 Abstract
Mena Irons Fork Lake 9/18/14 Abstract
Poteau McCurry Deer Camp 9/23/14 Abstract
Fourche Barnhart 9/23/14 Abstract
Oden West Cedar Creek 9/23/14 Abstract
Cold Springs Bee Mountain 9/25/14 Abstract
Fourche Brogan 9/25/14 Abstract
Oden Little Joe Creek 9/25/14 Abstract
Kiamichi Carter Mountain 1/20/15 Abstract

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