Domestic Livestock Grazing Annual Operating Instructions

Annual Operating Instructions (AOI) are part of every Term Grazing Permit.  AOI specify annual actions needed to implement management direction set forth in project-level NEPA-based decisions, Threatened or Endangered (T&E) Species consultation with Fish and Wildlife Services, and/or the Forest Land Management Plan.  To the extent feasible, AOI are developed with the permittee and identify the obligations of both the permittee and the Forest Service.

Actual information on-dates, pasture move-dates, and off-dates are dependent on range readiness and when allowable use standards are met.  The Forest Service may approve changes to the grazing rotation or range improvement maintenance schedule in consultation with the permittees.  Changes to current AOI are approved by the District Ranger and address situations related to weather, resource conditions, wildfire, logging operations or other unforeseeable circumstances.

2016 Domestic Livestock Grazing - Annual Operating Instructions (AOI)

2016 AOI appear here as they are released.  Previous year’s AOI may be accessed via the link in the upper right corner of this page.

The Payette National Forest "Emergency Response Plan For Potential Situations Regarding Bighorn Sheep and Domestic Sheep and Goats" is an appendix to all Term Grazing Permits on Sheep and Goat (S&G) Allotments.  This plan is not relevant to Cattle and Horse (C&H) allotments.


New Meadows & McCall Grazing Allotments


Council & Weiser Grazing Allotments


Bear Pete S&G

Not Grazed

Bear Creek C&H


Bill Hunt S&G


Council Mountain C&H


Boulder Creek S&G

Not Grazed

Crooked River On/Off C&H


Brown Creek C&H

Partially Grazed

Indian Mountain C&H


Brundage S&G


Johnson Creek C&H


Cougar Creek S&G


Lick Creek C&H


Curren Hill S&G

Not Grazed

Little Johnson On/Off C&H


Fall Creek/White Bird C&H


Mill Creek C&H


Fall/Brush Creek S&G


No Biz On/Off C&H


French Creek S&G

Not Grazed

North Hornet C&H


Grassy Mountain S&G

Not Grazed

Smith Mountain S&G

Partially Grazed

Hershey/Lava S&G

Not Grazed

Steves Creek C&H


Jacks Creek C&H


Wildhorse/Crooked River C&H


Josephine S&G

Not Grazed

Board Creek On/Off C&H


Jughandle S&G


Campgrade On/Off C&H


Lake Fork S&G

Not Grazed

Cherry Creek On/Off C&H


Little French Creek S&G

Not Grazed

East Pine/Rush Creek C&H


Marshall Mountain S&G

Not Grazed

Grizzly Creek On/Off C&H


Meadows Valley C&H


Heath Dukes C&H


North Fork Lick Creek S&G

Not Grazed

Hungry On/Off C&H


Price Valley S&G


Limestone C&H


Round Valley C&H


Mann Creek/Sturgill C&H


Shorts Bar S&G


Rush Falls On/Off C&H


Slab Butte S&G


Seid Creek On/Off C&H


Twenty Mile S&G


Surdam On/Off S&G

Not Grazed

Van Wyck Stock Driveway S&G


West Pine/Brownlee C&H


Vance Creek S&G

Not Grazed

Wheelbarrow On/Off C&H


Victor/Loon S&G

Not Grazed



Warm Springs C&H









Krassel Ranger District and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness have no grazing allotments.