PNF Fire Restrictions Effective July 1

Release Date: Jun 25, 2012  

 Fire restrictions will go into effect on July 1 within the Plumas National Forest (public land) according to Earl Ford, Forest Supervisor.

Fire Restrictions

  • No open fires, campfires or charcoal fires will be allowed outside of designated areas (see attached list) even with a valid California Campfire Permit.  Bucks Lake Wilderness is included in this restriction.However, lanterns and portable stoves using gas, jellied petroleum or pressurized liquid fuel are allowed as long as the forest visitor has a valid California Campfire Permit available from Forest Service offices during normal business hours (M-F; 8-4:30). 
  • No smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle, building, or designated recreation site.
  • Internal combustion engines are restricted to National Forest system roads, routes, trails, and areas as identified on the Plumas National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Map. Cross-country travel between roads, routes, trails, and areas is prohibited; trail riders are urged to be careful.


Some people may be exempt from these restrictions if they have been specifically allowed by the Forest Service via a permit or approved plan of operations. Additionally, any Federal, State, local officer, or member of an organized rescue or firefighting force in the performance of official duty would be exempt. 


For information about private land fire restrictions (regulated by CAL FIRE) call 530-310-2226.



Woodcutting is currently allowed within the Plumas National Forest (public land) if the daily fire indices permit.  To determine if woodcutting is permitted on a given day, call (800) 847-7766 prior to cutting wood.  A recorded message will notify woodcutters if the next day is hoot-owl (no cutting after 1 pm), open all day (no restrictions), or no woodcutting allowed that day.  Note: call before 4:30 pm on the day you plan to cut as the message is updated for the following day at about that time. Hot and dry weather is expected to continue through summer and early fall resulting in increased fire danger.  Woodcutters are urged to cut firewood now while conditions permit.


Questions about fire restrictions, designated recreation sites, motor vehicle use and firewood cutting on the Plumas National Forest (public land) may be directed to local Plumas National Forest Service offices including:  Supervisor’s Office, (530) 283-2050, Beckwourth Ranger District (Portola/Milford area), (530) 836-2575, Feather River Ranger District Oroville /Challenge area), (530) 534-6500 and Mt. Hough Ranger District(Quincy/Greenville area), (530) 283-0555.  A list of designated recreation sites is also available on the internet along with the Motor Vehicle Use Map at: .


Key Points:

  1. Plumas National Forest (public land) fire restrictions will go into effect on July 1, 2012.  Campfires allowed in designated areas only.

2.    Woodcutting may be allowed depending on the daily fire danger; call (800) 847-7766 before 4:30 pm daily.

3.    Information about private land fire restrictions contact CAL FIRE at: 530-310-2226.




A-Tree Campground

Boulder Creek Campground

Black Rock Tent Campground

Big Cove Campground

Bradys Camp

Blue Water Beach Day Use Area

Chilcoot Campground

Deanes Valley Campground

Feather Falls Trailhead & Campground

Conklin Park Campground

Gansner Bar Campground

Golden Trout Crossing Campground

Cottonwood Group Campground

Greenville Campground

Little Beaver Campground

Cottonwood Springs Campground

Grizzly Creek Campground

Little North Fork Campground

Crocker Campground

Grizzly Forebay Boat-in Campground (open 7/13/12)

Milsap Bar Campground

Frenchman Campground

Hallsted Campground
(open 2013)

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