National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation is the only conservation organization solely focused on addressing the challenges that face America’s National Forests. It stands apart from similar organizations through its commitment to facilitating local involvement and encouraging grassroots participation in forest stewardship.

The National Forest Foundation invites you to apply for grants through the following programs. Click on the links below to access complete information, applications, and proposal deadlines.

Matching Awards Program - Nonprofit organizations can apply for matching funding twice a year for hands-on stewardship projects with measurable, on-the-ground benefits to National Forests and Grasslands. Areas of interest include:

Wildlife habitat improvement
Community-based forestry
Watershed health and restoration

Wilderness Stewardship Challenge - In celebration of the 40th anniversary of The Wilderness Act, the Forest Service issued a Wilderness Stewardship Challenge. This challenges calls for all Congressionally-designated Wilderness Areas in the National Forest System to be managed to standard within the next decade. The NFF will increase the resources available to meet this challenge by providing matching grants of up to $50,000 to nonprofit partners for ecosystem restoration-related projects that directly benefit Wilderness Areas within the National Forest System.

Ski Conservation Fund - Through its Ski Conservation Fund, the National Forest Foundation (NFF) has teamed up with ski areas, lodges and resorts located on National Forest lands to raise money for the care of their local National Forest. Funds are raised through voluntary contributions from guests at participating ski areas and lodges throughout the country and are matched with NFF federal funds. These dollars are invested in on-the-ground conservation projects, completed by local nonprofit organizations, on or around the National Forest from which they originate. The projects advance the NFF's on-the-ground, action-oriented approach to wildlife habitat improvement, watershed restoration, community-based forestry programs and forest recreation improvements.