Forest Plan Revision Concurrent Processes

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There are several concurrent processes that are required during Plan Revision by the National Forest Management Act or provisions of the 1982 Planning Rule.

Potential Wilderness Evaluation

Wild/Scenic Rivers Eligibility Report 

  • Status: New December 2010
    • Upper Verde River Eligibility Report Update for the National Wild and Scenic River System (1,556 KB PDF)

Timber Suitability 

  • Status: Updated September 2011
    • Timber Suitability, Long-Term Sustained Yield Capacity, and Allowable Sale Quantity Report (265 KB PDF)

Range Suitability

  • Status: Updated September 2011
    • Determination of Livestock Capability and Sustainability Report (458 KB PDF)

Recreation Suitability 

Minimum Management Requirements

  • Status: New June 2011

                  Documentation of Minimum Management Requirements (476 KB)

Species Viability Evaluations 

  • Status: New July 2012

Plant Viability Evaluation

Management Indicator Species 

Evaluation of Eligibility for Research Natural Areas 

Public Collaboration

Coordination with Other Planning Efforts