Beaver Lake Grayling Viewing Area At a Glance

Photo: low angle view of Beaver Lake from shore showing calm, dark water and snowy, rocky mountains behind.


Beaver Lake Grayling Viewing Area is located adjacent to the outlet stream of Beaver Lake. A developed trail leads the visitor to a series of five fishing platforms around the south side of Beaver Lake. Look for spawning grayling from mid-May through June.

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Viewing Information:

Arctic grayling spawn in the outlet stream from mid-May through June.

Large pieces of wood play an important role in the life of grayling by providing cover and holding gravel for spawning.

Look along the outlet stream. Five woody debris structures were placed in the Beaver Lake outlet in 1991 along with gravel to increase spawning habitat for grayling. Beaver Lake was periodically stocked with grayling between 1986 and 1991. By increasing spawning area in the stream, grayling may be able to reproduce and maintain their population naturally.

Please stay on the designated plank trail and fishing platforms and do not disturb spawning grayling.

Safety First:

Hypothermia is a danger throughout the year. Warm clothes and rain gear are essential for a safe and comfortable visit to the southeast Alaska.

This is bear country! Use common sense when you travel in the backcountry and always remember to keep a clean camp.


This site is located approximately 5 miles east of Sitka near the Sawmill Creek Campground. Go to the "how to get there" page for more detailed directions.

Ownership & Management:

USDA Forest Service, Tongass National Forest; Sitka Ranger District (907) 747-6671

Closest Town:

Sitka, Alaska

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Best Viewing Season

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Map of Beaver Lake Grayling Viewing Site. This image will take you to directions to Beaver Lake.

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