Blind Slough Swan Viewing Area At a Glance

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Description: Blind Slough is an important migration stopover and wintering area for trumpeter swans. Several hundred of these large waterfowl stop here between mid-October and early December to feed and rest before continuing the next leg of their journey. Blind Slough is near the small coastal community of Petersburg.

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Viewing Information:

Look for migrating and wintering trumpeter swans feeding and resting at Blind Rapids, the observatory, and the hatchery. Swans are often seen with their heads and necks submerged in the water, feeding on underwater roots of marsh plants. Approximately 50 - 75 swans overwinter at Blind Slough.

It is important not to disturb the swans from late December to late February. Viewing from a distance with binoculars or spotting scope will minimize disturbance and provide excellent views of these beautiful birds. Approaching too closely, unleashed pets, or driving snowmachines at Blind Slough will cause unnecessary disturbance of the swans and could be fatal to them later in the winter.

Safety First:

Take extra care when you travel in coastal Alaska. Hypothermia is a danger throughout the year. Warm clothes and rain gear are essential for a safe and comfortable visit to the Southeast Alaska.

This is bear country! Use common sense when you travel in the backcountry and always remember to keep a clean camp.

Directions:Take Mitkof Highway south from Petersburg and continue on the paved road to Blind River Rapids (mile 14.2), the Trumpeter Swan Observatory (mile 16.1), and Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery.

Ownership & Management: USDA Forest Service, Tongass National Forest; Petersburg Ranger District (907) 772-3871

Closest Town: Petersburg, Alaska

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Best Viewing Season:

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Map of Blind Slough

small map to Blind Slough

Photos Visit the Trumpeter Swan page to view more photographs of Trumpeter swans.

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