Artist in Residence

Susan Watkins painting at Pakenham

2012 A.I.R. Susan Watkins paints the breathtaking view of College Fiord in Nellie Juan-College Fiord WSA, Chugach National Forest.


How to Become an Artist in Residence

The Voices of the Wilderness artist residency is a unique opportunity. It is modeled after traditional residencies in the national parks…with a twist. Instead of staying at a remote wilderness cabin, our participating artists are paired with a wilderness ranger and actively engaged in stewardship projects, such as research, monitoring, and education. The idea is to give artists a sense of the stewardship behind America’s public lands, fostering an artistic exploration of these natural and cultural treasures. The hoped-for result is artwork that communicates something of the meaning of these lands. Learn how to become an Artist in Residence here.


Voices of the Wilderness Traveling Exhibit

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Wilderness Act, the wonderful pieces inspired by the artists' experiences are on display throughout Alaska. 
Where is the Traveling Exhibit now? Find out here...


Visit our past Artists in Residence and learn about their methods in communicating the meaning of these lands.