Forest Health Protection: Key Contacts

Forest Health Protection is a unit of the Regional Office, but to enable us to work on the ground most effectively, most of our staff is dispersed in three Service Centers, each of which serves a zone of the Region.
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Regional Office Staff

USDA Forest Service
Forest Health Protection
740 Simms St.
Golden CO 80401

(303) 275-5026
(303) 275-5075 fax

Rick Cooksey, Director, State & Private Forestry, and Tribal Relations; 303-275-5750

Roy Mask, Assistant Director, Forest Health Protection; 303-275-5061

Bob Cain, Regional Entomologist; 303-275-5463

Jeri Lyn Harris, Forest Health Monitoring Coordinator; 303-275-5155

Brian Howell, Aerial Survey Program Manager; 303-236-8001

Justin Backsen, Aerial Survey Technician; 303-236-3760

Jennifer Ross, GIS Specialist; 517-884-8053

Lakewood Service Center

USDA Forest Service
Lakewood Service Center
740 Simms St.
Golden, CO 80401

(303) 236-9541
(303) 236-9542 fax

Jim Kruse, Service Center Leader; 303-236-9541

Kelly Sullivan Burns, Pathologist; 303-236-8006

S. Sky Stephens, Entomologist; 303-236-9552

Rebecca Powell, Entomologist; 303-236-8008

Amy Chambers, Technician; 303-236-8053

Gunnison Service Center

USDA Forest Service
Gunnison Service Center
216 N. Colorado St.
Gunnison CO 81230

(970) 642-1133
(970) 642-1919 fax

Jim Worrall, Plant Pathologist; 970-642-4453

Amy Lockner, Entomologist ; 970-642-4448

Suzanne Marchetti, Technician ; 970-642-4446

Rapid City Service Center

USDA Forest Service
Rapid City Service Center
8221 S. Highway 16
Rapid City, SD 57702
(605) 716-2781
(605) 394-6627 fax

Kurt Allen, Service Center Leader; 605-716-2781

Jim Blodgett, Plant Pathologist; 605-716-2783

Kendra Schotzk, Entomologist; 605-716-2183

Al Dymerski, Technician & Aerial Surveyor; 308-432-0334