Hunting Template

Hunting - man with deer
The national forests and grasslands of the United Sates provide over 192 million acres of diverse wildlife habitat and excellent hunting opportunities. Hunting has been practiced for generations, however it is more than a traditional pastime, it also has an ecological benefit. Hunting is one of the many ways in which wildlife managers are able to keep wildlife populations in balance. In order to keep yourself and others safe there are some rules and guidelines:

A minimum of 400 square inches of fluorescent orange must be visible

You MUST have the appropriate, valid state licenses

No discharging a firearm (including bow and arrow) within 150 yards of any developed area, building or occupied area

No discharging a firearm across or on a road, body of water or where any person or property is exposed to danger

You MUST have written permission to hunt on private land

Construction or use of permanent deer stands is not permitted
In order to make your hunting experience enjoyable the USFS provides a variety of hunter walking trails. Many trails are existing hiking trails and can be used year-round for hunters. Many of these trails are specifically managed to enhance wildlife habitat and for the benefit of hunters, so please tread lightly and respect your public grounds.

More information on hunting on national forests:

  • Colorado
  • Nebraska (Nebraska & Samuel R. McKelvie National Forests, Buffalo Gap, Fort Pierre, & Oglala National Grasslands)
  • South Dakota (Black Hills National Forest)
  • Wyoming