ESA - Issue Elevations

An important component of the streamlining process and teams in Colorado and Wyoming is a mechanism for timely conflict resolution of ESA section 7 issues between the agencies. According to the Charter for streamlining in the two states, Level 1 team findings must be by consensus. However, it is recognized that disagreements may occasionally arise in a Level 1 team over policy or procedure, applicable laws, or biological interpretations and conclusions. All attempts should be made by members to settle differences within their team. However, elevation to the Level 2 team is encouraged if a Level 1 team has exhausted their review and still clearly cannot resolve the issue. There are established procedures in both states for requesting elevation from Level 1 to level 2. On this page are the elevation procedures in Wyoming and Colorado (excerpted from the strategies for each state), elevation forms to start the process, and an elevation example for each state of a completed elevation.