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Independant Data Sources

The following links are provided solely as a courtesy.   All data and linked sites are maintained by other government agencies and academic entities. The US Forest Service has no control over the data quality, content, or maintenance of those web sites.

Resources by Geographic Scope



BLM Geocommunicator
Oil and Gas Leases

BLM Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB)
Public land survey system data

Geospatial OneStop
National Geospatial Data Source

Libra Map Project - DRGs
Colorado - Kansas - Nebraska - South Dakota
- Wyoming

National Atlas

USDA Geospatial Gateway
Ortho imagery including NAIP, Tiger data, soils, cultural, boundaries, geographic names, etc.

USDA Plant Codes used For R2Veg, FSVeg, etc
Short Name, Scientific Name, Common Name, etc.

USDA Soil Data Mart
Soil Surveys and Interpretations

US Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS GAP Analysis Program
Broad Vegetation data

USGS National Geospatial Program
Hazards, CEGIS, Names, and Gazetter

USGS National Hydrography Dataset




BLM Statewide GIS Layers for Colorado
Colorado Mineral Ownership, Oil and Gas Stipulations, BLM Wilderness Study areas, GCDB, National Conservation Areas, Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, National Monument Boundaries, Wild Horse and Herd Areas, etc.

Colorado Department of Transportation

Colorado Division of Wildlife Riparian and Wetland Mapping

Colorado Division of Wildlife NDIS Data

Colorado Geological Survey

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Oil and Gas Well Locations, Facilities, Permits, etc

Mountain Studies Institute (need to establish a password)
San Juan's: DRGs, DEMs, DOQQs, vector data and more

USGS Spatial Geologic Data Model
For the Gunnison, Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre National Forests Mineral Resource Assessment Area, Southwestern Colorado and Digital Data for the Leadville, Montrose, Durango, and the Colorado Parts of the Grand Junction, Moab, and Cortez 1° x 2° Geologic Maps

Utah GIS Portal - Utah AGRC
Oil, Gas and other GIS information adjacent to Colorado



  Kansas Geospatial Community Commons (KGCC)  


  Nebraska - University of Nebraska School of Natural Resources  

South Dakota

  South Dakota Digital Base Data  



Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center

Wyoming Geological Survey

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