Forest Service History - August

August 5, 1949 started out like many summer days on the Helena National Forest in Montana  - hot and dry with lightning storms the night before. About 12:30 pm the fire guard (lookout) called in a smoke that would become the Mann Gulch Fire. Fifteen smokejumpers from Missoula, MT responded; three hours later...

August 4-10 - National Farmers Market Week

August 9, 1944 - Happy Birthday Smokey Bear!

Image of smokey bear pouring water over a campfire.

Great Show after midnight - August 10-13 Perseid Meteor Showers

August 13 - National Left-handers Day!

August 20, 1910 -The "Big Blow Up"

black and white photo of small opening in the mountainside, covered with burned, dead trees "The late summer of 1910 approached with ominous, sinister, and threatening portents. Dire catastrophe seemed to permeate the very atmosphere..." Clarence B. Swim, Forest Service.

The "Big-Blow-up" August 20, 1910

It may be the most obscure site on the National Register of Historic Places. Rockfall and wild growth clog the entry. The West Fork of Placer Creek splashes a few feet below. It is not an easy place to find. It has the feel of some mythical grotto, a sepulchre, an oracle, the source of a sacred spring like Lourdes. The Nicholson mineshaft is, in truth, all these, for here, on the 20th of August, 1910 flames burned through conifer stands like prairie grass and came over the ridges, as one survivor recalled, with the sound of a thousand trains rushing over a thousand steel trestles. One ranger said simply, "The mountains roared..."