Regional Summer Recreation Opportunities: Mountain Biking/Road Cycling

Mountain Biking icon - Brown square with white bike riderWhether you are looking to take the family on a leisurely bike ride on a paved bike trail, try your bike on some single-track trails or take your mountain bike to the end of an old logging road, one of the 17 national forests and seven national grasslands within the Rocky Mountain Region will have a mountain biking/road cycling experience that is just right for you!
The Tour de France is over... so that means the USA Pro Challenge is right around the corner!
Route map of the 2015 USA Pro Challenge bicycle race in Colorado and link to the USA Pro Challenge websiteSix national forests in Colorado, from Steamboat Springs to Aspen, will be sites of competition in this year's USA Pro Challenge bike race from August 17th to the 23rd. An exciting addition to this year's event is the announcement of the Inaugural Women's USA Pro Challenge! To view more information regarding this fantastic event, please click on the route map.


Follow these general guidelines to help ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe mountain biking/road cycling experience in your national forest or grassland:
  • Make a realistic plan and stick to it. Always tell someone of your recreation plans.

  • Whether you are riding on roads or trails, remember to wear your safety gear, especially your helmet!

  • When road cycling, remember to obey all traffic laws and regulations.

  • Avoid trails that are obviously wet and muddy.

  • Ride in the middle of trails to minimize widening of the trails, avoid sideslipping, which can lead to erosion.

  • Carry a compass or a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit and know how to use it.

  • Obtain a map of the area you will be hiking in and, if possible, obtain a trail sheet from the local Ranger District [PDF file 120KB] office to help with land navigation.

  • Please respect private landowners and don't trespass on private property.

  • Travel responsibly on land by staying on designated trails or areas.

  • Check the weather forecast for your destination. Plan clothing, equipment and supplies accordingly.

  • When mountain biking, it’s quite possible you may encounter trail riders along with pack stock. Since stock is easily spooked from unseen sources, it is best to make your presence known. When horses or pack stock approach, step off on the lower side of the trail while the animal passes. Be courteous in sharing the trail with others.

  • Mountain bikes are prohibited in designated wilderness areas.

  • All bike riders should follow the ideals of Leave No Trace and practice the concept of Pack It In - Pack It Out.

For more detailed guidelines regarding responsible motorized recreation on US Forest Service lands, please check out the Tread Lightly! information below:
  • Mountain Biking:

    • Tread Lightly!'s Quick Tips for Responsible Mountain Biking brochure

  • Sharing Our Trails:

    • Tread Lightly!'s Sharing Our Trails: A Guide To Trail Etiquette brochure

  • Responsible Recreation:
Regional Mountain Biking/Road Cycling Information Map
Mountain bike riders along a trail in the White River National Forest, located in central ColoradoThe Rocky Mountain Region map below can be used as the starting place to find information regarding mountain biking/road cycling opportunities on US Forest Service lands located throughout our five-state region. When the cursor is moved over a state on the map, a filled-in map outline and tool tip will appear. Once you are on top of the state you want to ride in, click the cursor on the green map outline and a link will open to that state's Mountain Biking/Road Cycling Information webpage. Once you are redirected to the state's webpage, repeat the same process with the state map as with this map. You will then be able to select the individual national forest or grassland that you would like mountain biking/road cycling information about.
Rocky Mountain Region Mountain Biking/Road Cycling Information Map