2016 Spring Fire Hire

Photo of firefighters From November 2 to December 1, vacancy announcements will be open for applications for fire positions.

The Southwestern Region’s Fire Hire program streamlines the hiring process for permanent fire positions within the functions of dispatch, engine crews, fuels technicians, hand crews, helitack, interagency hotshot crews and prevention. The change in hiring process is in response to a continual vacancy situation faced by all of 11 national forests in the Southwestern Region. The unique feature of this process is the ability to immediately backfill positions that have been vacated.

You are encouraged to apply for all positions and locations in which you are interested! We’ll have 83 vacancies to start with the potential to fill 120 positions by the time we’re through.

Download Outreach Notice (pdf)

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Jake Nuttall
Regional Work Force Planning and Training Specialist
U.S. Forest Service, Region 3
333 Broadway Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Office: (505)842-3281
Fax: (505)842-3806

James Villard
Regional Fire Training Officer
Office: (575) 434-7332
Fax: (575) 437-7908


Jim Burton
SWEA Coordinator