Timber Management

5-Year Integrated Vegetation Management Plan

The forest action plans listed below are Microsoft Excel documents. If you need to receive one in a different form, please contact us. 

The Coordinated Resource Offering Protocol (CROP) website allows easy access to planned wood offerings over a  five year period. Queries can be made for planned wood offerings by location, species, age class, volume and several other parameters across multiple land ownerships. The website allows for site specific queries so a business can customize their search to meet their specific needs.

Acres Harvested

Acres Harvested Graph (2001-2015)
This chart shows the trend for the acres harvested for Fiscal Year from 2001-2015.  This table provides the same information, but dates back to 1991.

Table 20 - Regeneration & Intermediate Harvest Acres



Volume Sold and Harvest Summary Reports

These reports display total volumes and values for forest products sold and harvested by Fiscal Year, Calendar Year and Quarterly by Fiscal Year.

NOTE: The reports are in both thousand board feet (MBF) and  hundred cubic feet (CCF). 

By Fiscal Year


By Calendar Year


Quarterly by Fiscal Year


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