Regional Strategic Priorities

The Pacific Southwest Region's Leadership Team, comprised of Forest Supervisors, Regional Program Directors, and the Regional Forester, meet regularly to discuss and identify the issues of greatest importance to the Forest Service in California. The Regional Leadership Team has identified two strategic priorities that will guide the Region through 2012 and beyond.

The Pacific Southwest Region's Strategic Priorities are:

  • Ecological Restoration
  • Ensuring a Healthy Workforce and Workplace

These priorities are forward looking and in alignment with the Cultural Transformation strategies of the Department and Forest Service. By focusing our efforts in these key areas, we will be prepared for the land management challenges of the 21st century.

Ecological Restoration

The need for ecological restoration in our national forests is widely recognized due to the myriad of threats to our landscapes including catastrophic wildfire, climate change, and increasing human population pressures. The Forest Service has recognized these threats and conducted restoration–related activities on National Forest System lands for decades. However, the agency has recently recognized the need for a more focused approach that clearly identifies ecological restoration as the primary goal for all land management actions.

Ensuring a Healthy Workforce and Workplace

The Pacific Southwest Region recognizes that our employees are the foundation of our agency and we must ensure their health and welfare in order to successfully accomplish the Forest Service Mission. Regional and forest leadership throughout the state are focused on employee well being and the quality of our facilities. As such, Region and local units are encouraging employee participation in fitness programs, the use of flexible work schedules, and are emphasizing the importance of balancing work and family life. Leadership will be evaluating work facilities and will identify priorities for improvements including internet access, health and safety improvements, and in some locations, exercise facilities will be added.