2014 CIIMT Workshop Overview

CA Interagency Incident Management Team Workshop

Wildland Fire Training and Conference Center McClellan, CA

April 22, 2014 - April 24, 2014

Registration/Check-in: April 22, 2014 0900 - 1200 hrs. Registration/Check-in: N123 Conference Registration Deadline Date: April 16, 2014 cob


The 2014 California Interagency Incident Management Teams Workshop will be held in McClellan, CA at the Wildland Fire and Training Conference Center (WFTC) on April 22 - 24, 2014.

California Interagency Type 1 and 2 Incident Management Team members are the target audience. Due to limited facility space for the General Session on Tuesday, April 22, participation will be limited to 10 to 12 members from each team with emphasis on Command and General Staff Members. Functional Breakout sessions on Wednesday, April 23 will be limited to 22 members from each team. Incident Commanders will assume responsibility for meeting these limitations. There will be no limitation on team participants for the Individual Team meetings on Thursday, April 24, from 0900 to 1200 hrs.


»» Detailed Agenda

The California Interagency Incident Management Teams Workshop is dedicated to providing a quality learning environment and the tools necessary to enable California Interagency Incident Team personnel at all levels to perform their jobs in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

The objectives of the workshop are to provide a single forum for all local and national California Interagency Incident Management Team personnel to:

  • Share the latest interagency/agency specific information
  • Discuss real life incident management issues, challenges and solutions
  • Learn new procedures and policy changes, and network with interagency counterparts and team members

Lodging Information

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Participants must make their own lodging reservations. Refer to the "WFTC Area Lodging" link for information. Dorm rooms are available upon request through the WFTC. Refer to "WFTC Dormitory Request" link for information.


For additional information please contact:

Carlton Joseph, IC-CIIMTS cjoseph@fs.fed.us 858-674-2948

Dennis Cooper, Deputy Planning Section Chief dcooper1949@verizon.net

Jim Youngblood jyoungbl@blm.gov 916-978-4549