About Our Website

Word cloud shaped like the FS shield formed by home page text.The Pacific Southwest Region is involved in a national effort to move all of our websites into a new standardized format. When the move is complete, all Forest Service websites will be organized similarly and have a common look and feel. This consistency will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for as you browse from one Forest Service website to the next.

Additionally, the technology behind our websites will increase our ability to meet your information needs in the future by allowing us to publish additional content to the website much more easily and in a more timely manner.

Even though we are now "live" in the new website, we are still moving content from our old site into this new website.

Web Addresses

This Forest Service web site uses database technology to deliver one whole web page when you type our address into your browser or choose a link. That one web page is made up of many components stored individually in the database. This technology makes for a fluid and dynamic web page and also is responsible for some very long addresses that you see in the web browser's address field as you move around the site.

There are several other short addresses we call "short URLs" (URL is an industry acronym that stands for "Universal Resource Locator" which basically means address for a web location). Here is a list of current short URLs you can use.

If you are off our site and type any of these into your web browser's address field, you will arrive at that specific page on our site. This bypasses the need to first display the home page and any intermediate pages in order to reach the specific page listed above. We usually create these short URLs for pages/sections where we anticipate the most visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the official address/URL for this site?

A: www.fs.usda.gov/r5

Q: I typed in the old address, www.fs.fed.us/r5 and got to this location, why?

A: The old address is like a "forwarding address" at the post office. Anyone trying to use the address will find themselves forwarded to the new site at www.fs.usda.gov/r5.  In WWW terms, this is called a "redirect."

Q: Will I be able to find what I am looking for with the new look?

A: The restructured website has been developed through months of planning based on a detailed audience analysis that reflects a "user-centered" focus for all Forest Service websites. The consistent "look & feel" will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for as you travel from one Agency website to the next. However, here are a couple of tips if you are having difficulty finding your favorite section or page:

  • Use the Search. We now have a great Google search for this site.
  • Take a look at the Site Map (upper, left corner right under the Search box). It shows the contents of our site in outline format.
  • Send us questions and feedback by selecting the "Contact Us" link in the bottom, left corner on every page.

We continue to measure the portal's customer satisfaction and make meaningful adjustments to improve the portal experience for all users. Our goal is to make information and services available in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Q: Why did we change to this new look, what's the purpose, is it really necessary?

A: The new website is being implemented as required by Legislative, OMB, and USDA mandates. These mandates collectively insist that Agency websites be user-focused, consistent in design and navigation and implemented in the most efficient manner possible for the Agency.

Q: Is the site's look going to keep changing frequently?

A: The "look & feel" and organization of our website will remain intact for the next 12 months. Websites need continual improvement so there are very few, if any, that do not undergo at least a minor facelift at some point in their lifecycle. As noted previously, our goal is to make information and services easily available in a user-friendly format.


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