Forest Plan Revision January 2014 Public Workshops

Hand holding tree seedling.

The Forest Service held public workshops and tribal forums to offer information about the forest plan revision process and gather public feedback. The workshops were held January 27, 28 and 30, 2014.

The documents below were discussed at the public meetings. The presentations given can be found at the bottom of this page.

The public and tribal feedback from these workshops is also available.

Need to Change

The first task of plan revision is to develop a preliminary "need to change" that identifies the areas that need to change in management direction outlined in the current plans. The preliminary need to change is based on what is important to people, threats to resources, undesirable trends in social, economic, or ecological sustainability, and a need to correct current direction in plans that are not meeting needs to provide benefits sustainably. In addition, it is important to focus on areas where changes to the forest plan can do something substantial to correct concerns identified in the near term. The need to change will be responsive to new information learned through monitoring and assessment.

Desired Conditions Statements

These documents are examples of desired conditions that may be included in the National Forest Plan. Desired conditions (or goals) set forth the desired social, economic, and ecological goals of the Forest. These statements paint a picture of what the public and the Forest Service desire the forest to look like and the goods and services all desire it to provide. Desired conditions are generally expressed in broad, general terms; however, more specificity may be added to clarify the intent. The desired conditions are separated into five categories:

Forest Roles and Contributions

These documents summarize each forest's distinctive roles and contributions within the broader landscape. This includes the unique attributes of the forests as well as the important benefits that are provided through forest uses, products and services.

U.S. Forest Service Presentations

These presentations were given by U.S. Forest Service staff at the tribal forums and public workshops held in January 2014. The Forest Service also shared the public feedback it received prior to the workshops.

Forest Plan Revision Overview