Proposed Discussion Topics for Sierra Cascades Dialog Workshops

Dialog participants will play an active role in defining the topics to be discussed. This is essential to establish the relevance of the topics at hand and to generate interest and participation. The following range of broad topics will serve as the preliminary framework for developing the dialog. This list reflects the February 2010 conference outcomes and other topics of interest.

  • "All Lands" Approach (Forest Service and neighboring lands) | Strategic planning for ecological restoration across ownerships | Coordination of fire protection across ownerships
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation
  • Historic Contexts of Landscapes
  • Changing Climates
  • Ecosystem Services (biodiversity, wood, water, recreation, wildlife habitat, scenic beauty, carbon sequestration, etc.)
    • Program Planning
    • Economic Assessments (Monetary Value)
    • Sustainable Funding
  • Economic Sustainability and Community Vitality—The Role of Forests
  • Monitoring, Research & Adaptive Management
    • Adaptive management for pre— and post—fire work
    • All party monitoring
  • Water Resources, Water Quality and Watershed Management Planning
  • Salvage Logging: Terms, Planning, Science and Goals
  • Social Science Issues of Public Land Management
  • Attitudes, Values & Beliefs
  • Planning Rule Implementation: the Role of Tribes in Collaborating