Bark Beetle Technical Working Group

color drawing of a bark beetleAbout this group:  We are a small informal group of entomologists who work with bark beetles; our annual meetings focus on bark beetle management: current bark beetle activity, management strategies & philosophies, and management-related research. View the Statement of Purpose (2002) or more information about this group.


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2013 Meeting: autumn 2013 in/near Hood River, OR

View the 2013 Priorities (identified at the 2012 meeting).

New! View the Draft Mission Statement (April 8, 2013). 


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color drawing of a bark beetle

Past Meetings of Bark Beetle Working Groups

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  • Boise, ID; Oct 2012.  BBTWG meeting (agenda and meeting notes) (2013 Priorities)
  • San Diego, CA; Oct 2011.  BBTWG meeting (agenda and meeting notes)
  • Rapid City, SD; Oct 2010. BBTWG meeting (agenda and meeting notes)
  • Tuscon, AZ; Oct 2009. BBTWG meeting. (agenda and meeting notes)
  • South Lake Tahoe, CA; Nov 2008. BBTWG meeting. (agenda and meeting notes)
  • Portland, OR; Nov 2007. BBTWG meeting. (2007 meeting announcement) (2007 agenda) (meeting notes)
  • Fairmont Hot Springs, MT; Oct 2006. BBTWG meeting. Plans to develop a new "5-year strategic plan" for bark beetle research. (meeting announcement) (agenda) (attendees) (meeting notes) (research priorities pist for FY2007 - .pdf or .doc versions) (FHTET FY2007 proposal request announcement)
  • Midway, UT; Oct. 2005. BBTWG Meeting. Bark beetle conditions, STDP projects, review of WBBI projects ('04-'05) and update of '02 Western Bark Beetle Report. Also discussed need to review/renew "5-year plan." (meeting notes) Questions to be addressed: a list of needs identified during the CY2005 BBTWG meeting
  • Homer, AK; Oct. 2004. BBTWG Meeting. Another round of WBBI money available. Discussed allocation along with review of '04 projects, conditions, etc. (meeting notes)
  • Durango, CO; Nov. 2003. BBTWG Meeting. Along with our regular meeting format--conditions and projects; discussed the Western Bark Beetle Initiative ($700,000 available) and how projects might best address that opportunity. Developed a list of FHP priorities as well as research priorities from the 2002 Western Bark Beetle Report. (meeting notes)
  • Reno, NV; Dec. 2002. BBTWG Meeting. Same as previous format--projects and status of conditions. Issued a Statement of Purpose for our august group! In summary, we concluded our purpose is "to provide a means to address issues associated with bark beetle ecology and management." (agenda) (meeting notes)
  • Taos, NM - Oct. 2001. BBTWG Meeting. Same format as in past few years--status of bark beetles, completed and proposed projects. (meeting notes)
  • Coeur d'Alene, ID - Oct. 2000. BBTWG Meeting. Discussed status of bark beetles and bark beetle-related projects. (meeting notes)
  • Reno, NV -  Oct. 1999. Bark Beetle Technical Working Group Meeting (BBTWG). Discussion of conditions, ongoing projects, future of FS Research. (agenda)
  • Vail, CO - Sept. 1998. Bark Beetle Technical Working Group Meeting (note name change!). Discussed national bark beetle conditions and upcoming projects. Also discussed our future role as a committee in view of "downgrading" relative to new STDP procedure, as we are no longer reviewing proposed projects.(agenda) (meeting notes)
  • Brian Head, UT - Sept. 1997. Bark Beetle Steering Committee Meeting. Discussed recently completed research and '98 proposals. (agenda) (meeting notes)
  • Kenai, AK - Sept. 1996. Bark Beetle Steering Committee Meeting. Developed a list of bark beetle "priorities" for continuing research. (agenda)
  • State Line, NV - Oct. 1995. Bark Beetle Steering Committee Meeting. Review accomplishments of bark beetle projects relative to 5-year plan. (agenda) (meeting notes - 20.7 MB)  Report to the Chief on Bark Beetle Research (Dec. 1995).
  • Whitefish, MT - Oct. 1994. National Bark Beetle Steering Committee Meeting. Project reports and review of 5-year plan. (agenda) (meeting notes - 13.4 MB) (technology development needs)
  • Albuquerque, NM - Oct. 1993. National Bark Beetle Steering Committee Meeting. (agenda) (meeting notes)  The following May (1994) issued the "formal" National Bark Beetle 5-Year Strategy: 1993 version.
  • Salt Lake City, UT - Feb. 1993. Bark Beetle Working Group Meeting. Discussed implementation of 5-year plan for major bark beetles. (And had retirement party for Gene Amman!)
  • Portland, OR - Oct. 1992. Bark Beetle Steering Committee. Recommended technology development projects for 1993. (meeting notes) (funded 1992 research projects) (1993 tech. devel. projects)
  • Reno, NV - Dec. 1991. Western Bark Beetle Workshop. Discussed ways to address the 5-year plan.
  • Portland, OR - Oct. 1991. Bark Beetle Steering Committee Meeting. Issued a "Western Bark Beetle RD&A Program (5-year plan)" in November, 1991. (meeting notes & agenda) (meeting notes & cover letter)
  • San Bernadino, CA - Feb. 1991. Western Bark Beetle Semiochemical Working Group. (meeting notes) (Bark Beetle RD&A Plan) (funded projects)
  • Delta, B.C. Canada - Dec. 1990.  Pheromone Workshop hosted by PheroTech. Very similar to our working group meetings. (agenda and attendees)
  • Boise, ID - Oct. 1989. Western Bark Beetle Working Group (draft projects) (funding requests)
  • Seattle, WA - Feb. 1989.  Bark Beetle Pheromone Working Group (meeting summary)
  • Las Vegas, NV - Oct. 1988.  Bark Beetle Pheromone Working Group (meeting summary)
  • Boise, ID - Sept. 1988. Bark Beetle Pheromone Working Group - guidelines for funding western bark beetle suppression projects in 1989. (meeting summary)
  • Lakewood, CO - Jan. 1988. Western Bark Beetle Semiochemical Workshop - an initial meeting was held to review the use/misuse of bark beetle (mostly MPB) pheromones. (executive summary - 5.9 MB)